[welcome home]

Signs of deterioration in subtle indications of dissatisfaction begin to show in FRANK and DANA'S relationship.  One loses interest in the opinions and feelings of the other; subjects that were once easy to discuss become sources of conflict, many of which remain unresolved.  Even though reasons like poor communication, lack of fulfillment, differing lifestyles and interests, rejection, outside interference, absence of rewards are all PRESENT in this play, the action lies in how each one of them handle conflict, making the impending disaster very difficult for them to go through and all the more painful for us to watch.

Neil Sedaka’s very popular 1960’s song pretty much sums it up: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". 

A drama in two acts.  One set, three characters: two adults and a child. 

Welcome Home has also been adapted into a SCREENPLAY and goes where the play cannot.  The same three characters exist plus a few more thrown in.


Without any intention on my part, after finishing the play and reading it over and over and over again, I discovered it was genderless.  Meaning, the roles of Frank and Dana - a man and a woman – could also be played by two Men: Frank and Danny – or two WOMEN: Fran and Dana.   This can be achieved by simply altering two or three lines in the play.  After all, when it comes to matters of the heart, how different are we - really?