[Temporarily In Order or Use It While You Can
I Have This Friend]

Two One Acts

Act One

Set against a skyscraper backdrop of a decaying city, New Yorkers begin a pilgrimage to a site where the last product of its kind is on display for them to use.  Stereotypical characters show up and form a line and then wait for their chance to use the item.  Some people are honest and patient, others cheat to move up, while others barter to sell their spot.  One woman actually watches her VW bug, parked across the street, get hit by a runaway Mack truck because she refuses to leave her place in line.  This pales in comparison to the collective selfishness of all of them who are there to use the product before it breaks down.   What's the product?  There are clues all over the text, so I guess you'll have to read the play to figure out what it is.  Even then, I doubt very much if you'll guess. 

15 fun-loving, good character actors are essential

Act Two

After receiving news at work that his mother was killed in a car accident, WILLIAM returns to his apartment to shower, change clothes and catch a train home and the funeral parlor.  As life would have it, his circle of friends: Lee, Donald, Veronica (his girlfriend) and Jamie descend on him, each with their own selfish agenda.  Jamie, the most powerful presence, challenges Bill’s commitment to their friendship.  While dropping off Bill’s black sweater, JULIO, the delivery boy, gets caught in the middle of this embarrassing situation.  Eventually WILLIAM kicks Jamie out and then discovers, through Julio’s keen observation, that Jamie is his only true friend. 

NOTE: The actors who played minor roles in the first act should play the six (6) characters in the second act.