JESSE, the lead guitarist, tells us he was 13 when he found his father's "45" record collection of Dusty Springfield in the basement of their house and was totally blown away when he heard her voice.  25 years later, he finally convinces his father to help him and his friends put a show together to pay tribute to her.

During the opening number, while singing See All Her Faces, he begins to sense Dusty's presence which is when he decides to switch the order of songs throughout the concert to use the lyrics from Dusty's hits to court her back to Life and fulfill his wish to sing duets with her. 

To his surprise and ours, her SILHOUETTE and other images that only he can see begin to pop up within the concert.  The three backup girls know exactly what Jesse's been doing and try to talk him out of it, but he keeps going.  The group is shocked when they hear the disembodied VOICE of Dusty singing the end of one of the songs.  From then on, they decide to join forces with him to see if they can actually get Dusty to appear.

Does she show up?  This is theater - of course she does!  But its how they bring her back that makes All Her Faces more fun than a barrel full of monkeys on LSD! 

Some may considered All Her Faces a Juke Box musical but it's much more than that; it has a very clever and funny "script" in the traditional sense of any musical.  It also goes beyond her biography to unveil the emotional truth underlying the woman, her music, and the VOICE that has continued to attract legions of fans for decades. 

The SET is a concert stage with platform levels and a SCRIM/CYC for film projection and slides. 

Nine (9) characters: JESSE, DAD (VO), DRUMMER, ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC GUITARIST, MUSICAL DIRECTOR on piano/synthesizer and 3 BACKUP GIRLS.  Ooops - and Dusty!!