[Father Knows Best] 

MICHAEL and LU are brothers who, by virtue of their innate love and affection for each other, attempt to enlighten the other with their individual pathologies – which is a constant occurrence for them.  It begins when LU sends a message to their father. 

"Greetings, Father.  Melina is now a wasteland.  Except for the winds that blow from pole to pole, she is devoid of human life and moves about her sun in glorious silence.  The seas move in and out, unseen by human or animal eye.   While I stood on the black sands this morning, I saw the blue-white light lifting over the green waters and felt its first hot kiss on my cheek.  I knew that neither fish nor serpent lived within those waters, no wild and uncorrupted eye.  The innocent animals were my sadness; my only sadness.  Melina knows no voice, Father: not of Man, nor bird, nor beast.  Nothing survives.  Did I do this thing alone?”

"As usual, LU, Father has asked me to answer your letter.  And as usual, you’re afraid he’ll hold you personally responsible for the death of Melina.  Although he finds you not entirely blameless, I assure you you’re not the ruthless executioner men consider you to be.  But we’ve talked of this over the millennium.  Father mourns the men of Melina, but grieves mostly for you.  Is there no way to appeal to your pity?  You’ve destroyed uncountable worlds that were no match for you, yet you have no pity.  We hope, for your sake, that the myriads of other worlds where your shadow has not yet fallen are beyond your reach."

In Act I, LU is in hell and MICHAEL is in Heaven.  During “Intermission”, we travel to a newborn planet Pelissa where - in Act II - MICHAEL and LU meet their brothers: GABRIEL, ARIEL and RAPHAEL who have surprised LU and who try to stop him from destroying Earth.

God is their Father in this story.  LU maintains that since Father has omniscience and that in creating Lucifer, He created sin.  

Seven (7) characters – all MEN - ranging in age from 9 years to 80.