CHARLES GRAVES, world renowned architect, is seated in the dark in his two bedroom Manhattan apartment trying to find his "center" while listening to the 1st movement of “Fantasia Para Un Gentil Hombre” by Rodrigo. 

As the 2nd movement segues into the 3rd, the downstairs buzzer shatters the mood.  His nephew TATE has arrived for dinner.  

To describe the turn of events that have passed between Charles and Tate for over nine years, events that will constantly invade their privacy over dinner, would do this play a great disservice.  It would also ruin a rare and unique relationship that develops between them and the audience - a ménage e tois, if you will - a relationship so special that it must be experienced first hand.  I leave you with the FOREWORD

Dreadful expectations and fear have been placed in the minds of these two characters that richly deserve to be exorcised.  To have them go through this “exorcism” and remain relatively intact, and then survive with more forgiveness than either one ever thought possible, is what this play is about

One set, full-length play with intermission.  Two MALE characters.