It is the Christmas season and WOODY, a 74 year old senior citizen, hasn’t been seen or heard from in a week.  His concerned godson Jason is the first to arrive at his apartment and knocks on the door, calling his name… 

Hearing his name being called, WOODY - sleeping on a park bench - wakes up and sees people (an audience) in front of him.  Without missing a beat, he acknowledges them politely and then invites them back with him as he enters the apartment kitchen with Jason.

Eight (8) more godchildren - ranging from 22 to 40 years - arrive soon after and explain to Jason that they've checked Woody’s usual haunts, spoke to his friends, alerted the police and local hospitals and that he's nowhere to be found.  While waiting for outside news of his whereabouts, they try to relax over pizza amd drinks and begin to share stories about Woody.   Gradually they come to realize how instrumental he’s been in their lives. 

Instinctively, they know that talking in “memory of him" will somehow keep him safe and sound.  Woody has been joining in with their stories and although he empathizes with them and their growing concern, he becomes increasingly frustrated because he can't continue spliting his existence between where he is and where he isn’t, and that it’s impossible for them to sustain his “image” forever.  Clearly they want him back but he wants to be left alone.   Something has to give!

A drama in two acts.  One set.  Ten (10) characters: 9 Men, 1 Woman.