Familiar face or not, I'm hardly the new kid on the block.  But I like to think I've improved on many levels,  so don't be surprised if you find more to me than meets the eye.

We've recently expanded the website to include a webisode series (soon to be launched) and a list of my stage and film projects.  You got it - I'm a writer, as well. 

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Though this website is an easy path to me, it pales in comparison to meeting vis-a-vis.  In other words, don't hesitate to make CONTACT so we can actually connect and meet. 

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[Update and other news]

I'm performing again! 

Presently appearing in

T.Schreiber’s 4th Annual 10-Minute Short Play Festival

  A Sudden Loss of Altitude is defined as “worlds collide the morning after a one night stand.”  Socially relevant with a twist, it is the second scene in Act Two, so you can ‘second act’ the show, if you like.  I’ll be clad in a bed sheet throughout.  Stay alert and you’ll catch a quick glimpse of my toosch when I remove the sheet.  Truth be told, I figured at my age, why not!  T. Schreiber's Shorts have garnered quite a reputation for itself by presenting quality talent and why I chose to use this opportunity to make a “come back”, so to speak.   

JANUARY 25TH – FEBRUARY 11TH, 2017 10 Plays. 10 Directors. 10 Unique Challenges.

T. Schreiber Studio

Gloria Maddox Theatre
151 West 26th Street, 7th Floor NewYork, NY10001

All performances 8PM.
For industry comps call: 212.741.0209


To examine my PLAYS and their SYNOPSES, they're readily availble in their entirety online at

New Play Exchange: newplayexchange.org


All Her Faces - A Portrait of Dusty Springfield was presented in October 2014 by From Now On Productions in a 12 performance limited engagement preview at the Workshop Theater Company's Main Stage.  Information about what's happening next can be found on the website: allherfaces.com

In December of 2013, WELCOME HOME - a two character drama written in 1994 - was presented by Scripts-Up!.  The invaluable Q & A that followed took me back to the drawing board to make changes, completing the final draft.  The play explores the detriorating relationship between Frank and Dana who gradually become aware of the growing distance when subtle indications of dissatisfaction appear, leading to sources of conflict that remain unresolved. 
The play THE CENTER RING , produced in LA 20 years ago, is being adapted into a musical and needs a composer and lyricist team OR a composer/lyricist interested in creating music and lyrics for this new Broadway-style musical.  A reading is being planned for late November 2016. 
I can easily send a PDF of any writing project to a non-profit or commercial producers who are seriously interested in putting-it-together and getting-it-on, just Click here to send me an e-mail request.  However, should you be like me and prefer the 'feel' of the page (I love you), hard copies are also available, simply include that in your request.  

As a gentle REMINDER: I am always willing to chat with potential and accredited investors, so don't hesitate to click CONTACT on the sidebar and send me a messsage. 

Here are a few comments I've received about the trailer of You Just Don't Get It...

"That trailer was quite intense to say the least.  Just the ripping off of the duct tape at the start made me cringe.  Nothing like a light comedy to help me escape from the perils of our world.  Actually, the show looks compelling to watch." - Ron Kruman

"Having read your words and seeing them in action is an exciting experience!  Can't wait to see it on a stage."  Leo (Narducci - Fashion Creator) 

"Your trailer certainly made me want to know more about the play; and this is a good thing.  Let me know when it comes up again." - Shawn (Elliott - Star of stage and screen)

"You need to get this going ASAP; I am in the mortgage business and we all agree the time is right.  Good Luck." - Glenn Tunnero