Orange Juice and Bagels


Equal Time

A WRITER enters her Study, sits at the computer and continues writing her novel where she left off.  Five (5) SKULLS appear outside the study windows and watch.  The WRITER picks up on their “thoughts” and adds their words to the chapter she's working on.  Then the SKULLS decide to enter the study to confront the WRITER who is a bit circumspect; they soon discover that “interacting” is too strenuous for them and quickly leave. 

During their subsequent comings & goings, the WRITER encourages them to interact more, to become more defined and more "fleshed-out".  They reach a level of consciousness at which they think they can "think" and begin to question whether “interaction” is grounded in their thoughts or those of the Writer.  

Five other characters from a “lesser work” drop by.  Knowing she's going to need assistance, the WRITER offers them an opportunity to experience the same creative process that brought them into existence that the new characters are going through.  They have mixed feelings whether to accept the offer or not and leave to give it more thought.  They return later as "The Relief Team". 

Meanwhile, the five new characters (skulls) have been developing physically but have not “defined” themselves as the Writer would have hoped.  They return to declare themselves “Outlaws” and demand equal time.  They find out soon enough that they've always had equal time and are now responsible for their thoughts and deeds, and that the Writer is only there to listen and absorb and construct who they think they are.  Feeling their existence threatened by the Writer, the Outlaws conspire to destroy her but “The Relief Team” returns in the midst of their conspiracy as the Writer turns a deaf ear. 

In the end, only one new character survives the process.  Even the Writer’s PC has an opinion of its own and gets in the act. 

A Dramedy in Two Acts.  The set is a STUDY which converts into a Greek arena in the second act.  13 characters.  Ten (10) Men, three (3) Women.